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Our multi-channel customer communications and Output Management solutions are built on the robust Scriptura Engage platform used globally by customers in all industries.

Scriptura Engage / Unifiedpost Design & Compose

Our Omnichannel Communications and Output Management solutions are built on the Scriptura Engage technology platform, developed by our strategic partner, Inventive Designers, Belgium.

Inventive Designers is part of the UnifiedPost Group, an European leader in a number of areas, including: customer-communication technologies,

online financial services and corporate cloud solutions. Independent studies show that Scriptura Engage is one of the most advanced technologies available for complex Omnichannel solutions and interactive customer communications.

It is an ideal platform on which to build a long-term stable customer base. Scriptura Engage is an effective tool for getting significant competitive advantages

based on personalized Omnichannel communication with customers.

Its open architecture, independent of proprietary formats and technologies, does not require human resources to acquire proprietary knowledge.
This offers key advantages in the integration and implementation of complex solutions.

Scriptura Design Studio

Advanced tools for designing and editing customer documents and communication templates enables an effective division of competencies between marketing, business and IT professionals. By maximizing the volume of processes that can be solved directly within marketing and sales, the time required to bring new customer communications into operation is significantly reduced.
scriptura engage web
Scriptura Web Designer

Scriptura Web Designer is a powerful tool for marketing and business professionals to design and manage interactive electronic communications. It is primarily used to create and edit communication through customer portals and email. It makes the most of HTML5 format capabilities, including the most advanced features used in digital media and mobile communications. It creates responsive communication optimized for maximum readability and clarity, both on your computer screen and on mobile devices that are increasingly used to display messages. Support for multi-brand design and multilingual templates is a matter of course.

Scriptura Web Designer supports the collaboration of marketing and IT professionals. Thanks to the interactive elements that can be used in communication, customers have the opportunity to immediately respond to calls to action. This not only increases the success of newly offered products and services, but also positively affects the resulting customer experience. The styles, advanced features and special objects prepared by IT professionals are then used by marketing and business designers to create templates for specific communication purposes. Designers have a preview of how emails or interactive portal pages will look at different display sizes on a computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Scriptura Desktop Designer
Scriptura Desktop Designer allows you to create transactional documents in a WYSIWYG environment with complex data-binding and conditional formatting logic. This category includes, telecommunication invoices with service bills, bank statements and life insurance recapitulation. When creating documents, you can choose from a wide range of current color styles and graphic elements, which make documents comprehensible and clear. Quick Previews show how the outputted documents will look, with different combinations of customer data, in different languages, in print, or as an email attachment. This minimizes the time required to design templates for Omnichannel communications.
Process Automation and Integration

Process support and automation have the same importance as customer communication process design.

Scriptura Engage supports the design, testing and management of processes in a graphical environment without the need to program models by creating Document Flow models.

Document Flow processes include all steps from the initial setup process, receiving data, assigning data to templates, to final processing for printed or electronic output.

Process automation eliminates errors that may arise during the communication process and negatively impact customer experience. For example, scenarios are created for alternative delivery of communications in printed form if the contact email address is invalid.

Scriptura Engage includes an extensive library of functional steps for document flow process creation, including steps for integration in standard interfaces for batch and on-demand processes.

The open architecture of Scriptura Engage offers the ability to define communication processes in steps that reflect the specific functional requirements of individual customers. Using generally available standards, such as JAVA or XML, eliminates dependence on technology providers, suppliers and integrators of implemented solutions.


The availability of a complete history of customer communications, customer documents and electronic communications is one of the key factors for fulfilling business strategies and addressing effective customer communications.
This not only enables businesses to quickly and efficiently serve customer requests within the scope of the provided services, but also provides a comprehensive overview of the history of cooperation with the customer (the Customer Journey). This is crucial for the effective building of a Customer Experience and also allows for the delivery of a personalized range of products and services.
Integration within customer communication and Output Management solutions

To ensure efficient support of customer communication processes and the delivery of customer services it is necessary for the close integration of communication history with in-house technology, Customer Communication Management solutions and other critical infrastructure systems (CRM, billing, banking / insurance systems, DMS etc.).  

Archiva supports open standards enabling easy and effective integration of batch and on-line communication processes with customers and service delivery. For integration with the Scriptura Engage platform, the Scriptura Document Flow environment is available to import documents and communications into the Archiva system. It enables online availability of a complete communications history for further use in communication processes.

Availability of documents and communications in an intuitive user interface

Archived documents and communications are available to users either through an intuitive user interface or through the user interface of integrated systems (e.g. SAP, CRM, DMS, etc.)  

The Archiva user interface uses a thin client (WEB browser) and is fully configurable for the specific needs of efficient work of individual user groups. 

Configuration management and archive management

Thanks to intuitive configuration management, it is possible to control individual users' access to specific parts of the archive, optimize their user environments, manage and process individual
parts of the communication history, etc.

Long-term archiving and immutability

The Archiva system provides long-term archiving of customer documents and electronic communications. In compliance with legal regulations, it also records their invariability.
Stored documents can be provided with electronic signatures or time stamps.

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