Leaders in Omnichannel client communication

We help our customers formulate and implement modern client communication strategies and gain significant competitive advantages.

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Customer Communication Management
A key area of successful company management is Customer Communication Management. It ensures the design, formatting and subsequent delivery of the required Omnichannel-based content.

Particularly where products and services offered are possibly regulated by legislation, innovative and efficient customer communication represents one of the opportunities to gain competitive advantages.
Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation is undoubtedly the most significant phenomenon in business today, changing the behavior of customers, methods of communication, and internal business processes.

The goal of our innovative solutions is to intensify customer loyalty effectively and provide a key competitive edge.

We provide a new generation of interactive digital communications that present new opportunities for customer acquisition, up-sell and cross-sell strategies.

The ability to respond flexibly to market demands or competitive actions is a precondition for success in virtually all fields.

Our solutions reduce the time needed to develop and release a new information email, SMS notification, paper document or any other customer communication to less than one day!

Eliminate the need for IT implementations and provide business users the tools to design and manage customer communications.

Specialist in Omnichannel customer communication

With our extensive customer communications expertise, we can help you implement up-to-date strategies and gain significant competitive advantages.
Effective communication

We will enable you to communicate with your customers in a targeted, effective manner, conforming to their needs and preferences

Communication strategy

We will help you to design and implement a modern communication strategy for your market segment


Taking advantage of omnichannel communication, we can help you upgrade one-way customer communication into a two-way and more interactive system

Modern Technology

Thanks to the latest available IT technologies, we create a centralized CCM / CXM solution


Our solutions provide a range of options to significantly reduce time-to-market and operating costs

Customer experience

Together, we will find the ways to improve business process efficiency and enhance customer experience through marketing and service communications

Modern customer communication Omnichannel

Focused on user experience

Give your customers a choice of communication channels and communicate with them according to their preferences. This will help to improve their customer experience. 

Interactive communication

By interconnecting individual communication channels into one consistent solution, you can communicate with your customers in an interactive two-way fashion.

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News & Insights

6 Steps to choose the right communication tool

Choosing the right communication tool is essential for meeting customer needs, strengthening your bond with the customer, and increasing the operational efficiency of the process.

How to successfully design and implement modern communication with customers?

Effective communication with customers is one of the key components of Customer Experience management and a tool for gaining competitive advantages ...

Successful solution customer communication for 02 Czech Republic

O2 Czech Republic successfully implemented its Simple On-line Company strategic program, which included a central Output Management solution that we provide for communication with O2 customers.

of investment

What clients say?

"Pro Document Services proved to be the right choice. Throughout the implementation of the project, even at the critical moments of deploying the entire new IT infrastructure into operation, we were able to rely 100% on their professionalism, flexibility and effort beyond their responsibilities to find ways our needs. "

Radim Musil
IT Operations Director at O2 Czech Republic

"The new centralised customer communication solution allows us to design and use new types of documents, emails and SMS notifications in several hours. It used to take days and weeks to implement and to test all included systems."

Ondřej Veselý
Team Leader - Digital processes at O2 Czech Republic

"By combining our knowledge of the needs and development of the telecommunications market expertise to Document Services in the areas of Customer Communication Management, Omnichannel and Digital Customer Experience, we are able to formulate a communication strategy for meeting our current needs as well as to see the long-term direction of development."

Josef Dočkal
Digital Transformation and Product Development Director at O2 Czech Republic

"The content and configuration of automatise processes for sending documents, emails and SMS notifications of O2 customers are managed by business users. By minimum need for IT involvement, we have significantly simplified the management of centralised communication and reduced costs associated for communication with customers."

Ondřej Veselý
Team Leader - Digital processes at O2 Czech Republic

"The new solution for modern and interactive communication with customers is a key part of the digital transformation at O2. Our goal is to maximize the customer satisfaction."

Ondřej Veselý
Team Leader - Digital processes at O2 Czech Republic

Realized projects

Check out some of our current successful projects

WE USE OUR EXPERIENCE across many fields

When implementing customer solutions we use our long-term experience from projects across many fields. A key reference is the implementation of our projects by customers who are leaders in strategic areas such as banking, insurance, telecommunications and energy. Despite the diversity of these sectors, the solutions we apply to individual projects use the same proven technology base.
successful projects

Scriptura Engage

Technology platform for the future of communication

The most modern technology platform for Omnichannel and interactive customer communication.

Open architecture, technology and standards minimize implementation costs and eliminate vendor lock-in.

The design of documents and electronic communications in Scriptura Design Studio is based on the Digital First strategy. For interactive communication, it makes maximum use of digital technology. Thanks to responsive design ensures clarity when viewed on mobile devices.

Scriptura Design Studio promotes effective collaboration between marketing and IT specialists and reduces the time it takes to design new communications.

In the intuitive Scriptura Document flow environment, not only is the business process automated, but the design and management of Omnichannel communication is ensured.

Scriptura Engage is developed by our strategic partner, Belgian company Inventive Designers, part of the UnifiedPost Group.

scriptura engage technology


Customer communication in one place

An important functional feature of the customer communication solution is a comprehensive overview of the communication history and quick availability of customer documents, both for internal users providing customer services, and customers themselves. The information is available to them through customer portals, etc.

For legal reasons, some documents must be archived in the long term. For example, for invoices (VAT invoices) this period is at least 10 years. The condition is that the content of the archived document remains unchanged.

To meet these needs, we have developed the Archive, a technology to ensure efficient electronic archiving of client communications.

archiva technology

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