Successful solutions for multichannel customer communication

Brief overview and descriptions of the most recent multichannel customer communication projects we have implemented for our customers.
Kooperativa, ČPP

Modern communication with Vienna Insurance Group clients

O2 Czech republic

A successful solution of customer communication in O2


Multichannel communication with the clients of Raiffeisenbank

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Solutions for multichannel communication

We use our know-how across different customer areas

When implementing customer solutions we use our long-term experience from projects across many fields. Our customers are leaders in strategic areas such as banking, insurance, telecommunications and energy.

Successful solution customer communication for 02
O2 Czech Republic
Multichannel communication for Raiffeisenbank clients
Modern customer communication for the Vienna Insurance group
Kooperativa Pojišťovna and Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna
Unification and transparency of communication for electricity and gas distribution

Successful solution customer communication for 02

O2 Czech Republic, the largest provider of telecommunications services in the Czech market, has implemented the most up-to-date customer communication as part of its Simple Online Company transformation program. Since 2015 when it began implementation of the Scriputra Engage technology platform, O2 has been able to gradually implement its new communication strategy. The changes first reflected in the area of sales support and online services. After the launch of the new billing system and CRM in October 2018, innovations were reflected in all communication with O2 customers. O2 thus gained the significant competitive advantages it expected from implementing the new Output Management and is now successfully further developing them. The complex centralized customer communication solution covers all areas of O2 activities, including billing, CRM, sales of goods and services, communication with the CTO, etc. It includes printed and electronic communication, batch and on-demand processes of tens of millions of communications per month. The solution includes notification management, which enables ordinary business users to design and deploy email and SMS notifications, all in minutes or hours, without the need of IT experts. Template design and solution management are fully within the competence of O2. The tender for a new technology of customer communication, its supplier and subsequent implementation of the solution was by far the largest project in the Czech Republic in the past few years. O2 leverages its knowledge and needs of the telecommunications market with our expertise in Customer Communication Management, Omnichannel and Digital Customer Experience.  Based on that O2 can formulate communication strategies to meet its current needs and see the long-term direction of development. For detailed information on the successful implementation and development of the solution, see the case study.  

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Modern customer communication of Vienna Insurance Group

The affiliates of the Vienna Insurance Group, Kooperativa Pojišťovna and Česká podnikatelská pojišťovna, adopted a modern customer communication strategy that includes, among other things, the preference of electronic communication channels. To fulfill our strategic goals, we have implemented and are gradually developing a centralized Output Management solution based on the Scriptura Engage and Archiva technologies. This ensures communication using both print and electronic communication channels and processing agendas across the entire product portfolio. Template design, agendas from old technologies, and solution management are all the responsibility of VIG specialists. Together with current trends in customer communication, the centralized Output Management solution combines communication processing within service delivery, marketing and business communications. VIG also uses the Output Management solution for internal needs. As part of our electronic communication strategy, we implemented a paperless human resources solution that takes advantage of electronic and biometric signatures.

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